exterior photo of the University of Waterloo's Health Sciences Optometry Clinic

Health Sciences Optometry Clinic (Kitchener)

This satellite Kitchener clinic provides optometric services including eye examinations and spectacle dispensing for patients of all ages. Clinical services are provided by highly trained optometry interns under the supervision of experienced optometrists.

Our dispensing services include new frame selections, filling of prescriptions for new eyewear, adjustments and repairs to current spectacles, dispensing of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. The dispensary has a wide selection of frames and lenses available so as to be on the leading edge of ophthalmic technology.

As a satellite clinic of the University of Waterloo, we share our location with McMaster University and the Centre for Family Medicine in Kitchener. Here is a virtual tour of our clinic (please click on the top right hand menu icon to select the tour of our space).

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Did you know?

When you have a comprehensive eye examination, your pupils are dilated. This allows the optometrist to see your retina and optic nerve and detect conditions such as glaucoma, high blood pressure and diabetes—often before you even know you have them. That’s why we recommend you have a full eye exam every year.