Our Doctors

Clinic Director

Clinic Heads

  • Dr. Nadine Furtado

    Clinical Associate Professor; Ocular Disease and Imaging, Clinic Head

  • Dr. Lacey Haines

    Assistant Clinical Professor; Cornea, Contact Lens and Myopia Control, Clinic Head

  • John Haney

    Optical Services, Manager

  • Dr. Tammy Labreche

    Clinical Associate Professor; Centre for Sight Enhancement, Director; Vision Rehabilitation, Clinic Co-Head

  • Dr. Ernest Lucchetti

    Staff Optometrist; Primary Care and Pediatrics, Interim Clinic Head

  • Dr. Julie Shalhoub

    Clinical Lecturer; Clinic Co-Head, Binocular Vision, Vision Therapy, Vision Rehabilitation

  • Dr. Lisa Woo

    Clinic Lecturer; Clinic Head, Health Sciences Optometry Clinic (Kitchener)



Staff Optometrists

  • Dr. Rachel Amaral

    Clinical Instructor

  • Sandip Randhawa

    Staff Optometrist