exterior photo of the University of Waterloo's Main Optometry Clinic

University of Waterloo Main Clinic

The University of Waterloo Optometry Clinic is the principal teaching facility for the provision of clinical experience to optometry interns, residents, and graduate students. As well, state of the art patient care services are provided to people from the local community, the province and other parts of Canada, and, occasionally, from other countries.

We offer eye and vision care for adults and children age 7 and older. (Children younger than 7 are welcome at our Pediatric and Special Needs Clinic). When you visit, we’ll conduct a comprehensive eye examination. This is a series of tests to check your eye health and to ensure your eyes are working correctly.

After your examination, your optometrist may prescribe glasses or medication, if you need them. If you need additional treatment, we may refer you to one of our specialty clinics or to an ophthalmologist.

Aside from comprehensive eye examinations, we also offer

  • binocular vision and colour vision assessments
  • eye health assessments

The Main Clinic facility is located within the Optometry building on the north campus of the University of Waterloo. These clinics are open to members of the public and members of the University of Waterloo community.

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To book an appointment by phone, please call: 519-888-4062


Did you know?

When you have a comprehensive eye examination, your pupils are dilated. This allows the optometrist to see your retina and optic nerve and detect conditions such as glaucoma, high blood pressure and diabetes—often before you even know you have them. That’s why we recommend you have a full eye exam every year.

Meet our Primary Care and Pediatrics team

  • Dr. Ernest Lucchetti

    Staff Optometrist; Primary Care and Pediatrics, Interim Clinic Head

  • Dr. Lisa Woo

    Clinic Lecturer; Clinic Head, Health Sciences Optometry Clinic (Kitchener)

  • Josh Hogan


  • Paul Lofthouse

    Receptionist (HSOC)

  • Jennifer Miller

    Receptionist (HSOC)

  • Jane Moores-Stuart

    Patient care Coordinator

  • Mary Ann Robertson